The Co-Prosperity Sphere (C-PS) is an experimental cultural center located in the neighborhood of Bridgeport. The space is used to showcase work by artists, performers and cultural workers of all stripes. The C-PS hosts exhibitions, screenings, presentations, installations, festivals, meetings, and performance programs in its 2,600+ square foot gallery. The space hosts between 30-40 events and exhibitions a year serving over 10,000 individuals a year.

Co-Prosperity is also the home office of Public Media Institute (PMI).

PMI is a non-profit 501(c) 3, community based, art & culture organization located in the neighborhood of Bridgeport in the city of Chicago. PMI's mission is to create, incubate and sustain innovative cultural programming through the production of socially engaged projects,  festivals, spaces, exhibitions, and media.

Public Media Institute is committed to the region’s cultural ecology and is evident through our series of programs, spaces and projects.

PMI publishes several periodicals including Lumpen magazine, Materiel Magazine, and  Mash Tun Journal.

Public Media Institute showcases emerging and established artists from Chicago and around the world in our network of art spaces and partner organizations. In November of 2015  PMI launched a new Low Power FM Radio Station in the South Side of the city called Lumpen Radio or WLPN-LP on 105.5fm.  This 100 Watt LPFM station is our latest project that seeks to amplify the voices of the communities we serve.

PMI programs and host numerous events and socially engaged projects throughout the city of Chicago and beyond. For a look at our current activities and programming please visit the following websites:

Lumpen Radio
Lumpen Magazine
Mash Tun Journal
Mash Tun Festival
Small Manufacturing Alliance

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan Street
Chicago Il 60608

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Please see our EVENTS page for scheduled programs. C-PS is otherwise open on appointment only. Call (773)823-9700

For inquiries please contact:
Jamie Trecker • jamie@lumpenradio.com
Ed Marszewski • edmarlumpen (at) gmail.com
Logan Bay • Loganbaybay (at) gmail.com