Radical Visibility Collective 2d Debut Winter Collection/Album
7:00 PM19:00

Radical Visibility Collective 2d Debut Winter Collection/Album

The Radical Visibility Collective, led by Sky Cubacub of Rebirth Garments , Compton Q, and Jake Vogds, is designing an immersive and accessible fashion performance. Their vision for queer disabled futurism will manifest in live performers wearing a entirely new second collection of winter wear, all moving to an original, multi-collaborative sophomore album that invites folx with visual impairments to the show. All of the lyrics will be audio descriptions that talk about what the models are wearing, their dance moves and the models’ identities described in the model’s own words.

In Spring 2018, the collective worked together on their first collection in a month-long residency with the Evanston Art Center. They debuted their first collection at the Chicago History Museum in March alongside other talented queer designers with incredible success, noted by Paper Magazine to be “a pioneering, wholly inclusive and immerse fashion experience.” The performance welcomed a little over 300 people to the bright colors, exuberant fabrics, and innovative designs that encapsulate radical visibility.

to read the Paper Magazine article go to this link!-

If you miss the show, do not worry!- To document the show, we will create both a music video and a zine. The music video will encapsulate the space and performance with closed captioning, and the zine will show photographs and lyrics collaged together with an accompanying CD of music to provide audio descriptions, so people can continue to experience our vision for radical visibility.

RVC2 Models:
Sky Heyn Cubacub
Vogds (Music Director)
Compton Q
C'est Kevvie (featured on music)
Christopher Fine
Miss Alexis La'Shay Smith
Kennedy Dawson Healy
JuJu Minxxx (featured on music)
Gabriel Anaya

Lead Assistant Garment Fabricator- Calla Kazam
Makeup- Lindsey Whittle
Photos by Sandra AKA Colectivo Multipolar
Videography by Ash Smash of @TotallyQAF (on instagram)

Also featuring a Ready to Wear collection by RVC for sale throughout the night- these will also be featured on local models

Thanks to the Propeller Fund, Without their support we wouldn't have been able to make this happen!

Access Notes:
Wheelchair Accessible (including Bathrooms)
Please be scent free.
There will be a chill zone
No strobe lights or fog
Gender Neutral Bathrooms
All Ages
Free!- but feel free to donate!

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Togetherism: Call for Submissions
8:00 AM08:00

Togetherism: Call for Submissions

This fall, Lumpen Magazine will release a publication as part of the “Togetherism” programming season. The publication, too, is a collaborative and experimental project. 

Togetherism examines creative experiments with horizontal, collective art-making and organizing. Work done in groups provokes us to consider other social forms than the established. Group work challenges conventions of value and authority in art and society. 

We are seeking submissions from group members (current or former), organizers and thinkers that can address the following questions: 

How can collaborative work be liberating, radical, nurturing, or a form of coping and survival?

What does it mean to work collectively in the time of isolated, individualized labor in the arts and beyond? Why do groups come together, and how do they fall apart?

Everyone and all formats are encouraged. For more prompts or information please reach out to Marina Resende (marina@publicmediainstitute.com) or Nora Catlin (nora.e.catlin@gmail.com). 

Please send a proposal through the submission form by Friday, August 9.

Final submissions are due September 1, 2019. 

image: Collective Actions, "Pictures", 1979. Photo by Andrei Monastyrsky / Andrei Monastyrsky Archive.

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to Nov 14


Collection of group terminology from “Group Work”- the book by Temporary Services serves as reference for the festival.

Collection of group terminology from “Group Work”- the book by Temporary Services serves as reference for the festival.

In coalition with many partners, Public Media Institute presents a series of exhibitions and programs that highlight the creative work of groups. Seeking useful models to inspire experimental infrastructures for culture and politics, this multi-pronged festival will gather artists, activists, architects, buddies, brewers chefs, journalists, incarcerated youth, psychologists and many others to work through what it is to work together.

Togetherism examines creative experiments with horizontal, collective art-making and organizing. Named with a playful neologism, the festival avoids constraining the terms of collectivity while centering the common deviance among our groups: we work together. Work done in groups provokes us to consider other social forms than the established, and challenges conventions of value in art and society. What does it mean to work collectively in the time of isolated, individualized labor in the arts and beyond? Why do groups come together, and how do they fall apart?

The series is inspired by (and hopes to inspire) forms of radical, liberating practice where collective creative work rethinks and reforms the ways of living in society. The festival will feature the work of both historical and contemporary groups from Chicago and beyond. Not quite utopian, each group serves variously as a proof of concept, a failure, a new direction to pursue, an example of why we need to change.

Highlights of the season include:

  • The relaunch of “Groups + Spaces,” a web platform built by the art collaborative Temporary Services for artist groups, artist-run spaces and self-publishers. Co-Prosperity Sphere will host wiki-thons to populate and update the database.

  • The exhibition Now What?! Avocacy, Activism, and Alliances in American Architecture since 1968, presented by ArchiteXX collective. September 9-October 3 at Co-Prosperity Sphere.

  • A major exhibition organized in collaboration with Justseeds Collective, coinciding with their semi-annual convening in Chicago this October. The exhibition centers the work of Justseeds as a collective and their collaboration with multiple other groups across the United States, Canada and Mexico. October 11-31 at Co-Prosperity Sphere.

  • Tender House Project: an exhibition at the Chicago Bridgehouse Museum featuring architect Mejay Gula and others’ visions to use the city’s underutilized bridgehouses for community art spaces.

    ATOM-r, Deep Time, Red Line Service, Chicago Audubon Society, Experimental Sound Studio and other Chicago-based groups will activate the Michigan Avenue bridgehouses and surrounding riverwalk areas. September 12-October 31 at the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum.

  • A Group Relations Conference and performance organized by artists Netta Sadovsky and Fred Schmidt-Arenales will examine dynamics and power relations within groups of creatives. October 25-28 at Co-Prosperity Sphere.

  • A publication featuring the work of such contemporary and historical groups groups as Deep Time, Related Tactics, Critical Art Ensemble, Camel Collective, Temporary Services, Justseeds, Postcommodity, Mutant Salon, BijaRi, Art for a Democratic Society, Videokaffe, and many others.

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to Sep 7


Sex Militant is a conviction, action, and coalition developed by Satanic iconoclast Jex Blackmore in collaboration with a collective of artists and activists committed to sexual revolution and liberation through performance, advocacy, and direct action. In a premiere exhibition hosted by Co-Prosperity Sphere, Sex Militant, investigates the uncomfortable relationship between eroticism and state-violence, and considers the aesthetics of resistance and collective organizing as a means of social, sexual, and political liberation. Over the past five years, Blackmore has presented her ideas challenging theocratic moral policy on national news, documentary film, in classrooms, and in public spaces. She has been labeled a radical terrorist, feminist icon, and religious heretic. In this new work, Blackmore responds to the framework of respectability politics, counterculture fetishization, and the sin of apathy in the context of collective revolutionary actions. A departure from political street theater, Blackmore works with the collective to develop an immersive space which layers durational performance, sound, and protest art that creates a live interactive spectacle to encourage viewers to consider unacknowledged acts of resistance and submission. 

The two-night event opens with an evening of durational performance and multi-media installation and closes with a participatory ritual performance the following night. Those who would like to attend the ritual performance must RSVP in advance. The ritual will center on healing and collective power, providing a balance to the tension and aggression expressed during the opening night. 


Installation + Performance Participatory Ritual

7:00 PM – 11:00 PM 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM 



Jex Blackmore is best known for her performances in public spaces ranging from the steps of state capitols to outside women’s health clinics. Her work, which is focused on the relationship between moral religious rhetoric, sexuality, and political policy, takes aim at institutions of social and sexual oppression. She has been featured in numerous publications such as TIME, Vanity Fair, Washington Post, NPR, Cosmopolitan, and Salon. In 2015, she organized the largest Satanic gathering in history to unveil The Satanic Temple’s Baphoment monument, which was featured on CNN’s “This is Life with Lisa Ling.” Her reproductive healthcare advocacy has ranged from disrupting anti-choice demonstrations using gallons of milk, writing about her personal abortion experience in the viral blog entitled “Unmother,” and debating the Westboro Baptist Church. Her work is featured in the Magnolia Picture’s documentary, Hail Satan?, which was an official selection at Sundance 2019. www.jexblackmore.com 


Sex Militant is a project developed by a collective of artists and activists committed to sexual revolution and liberation through performance, advocacy, and direct action. To be Sex Militant is to be fiercely committed to the advancement of sexual and reproductive liberation. Sex Militants are networked for action and empowered to shamelessly advocate for the protection, respect, and fulfillment of sexual rights for all people. www.sexmilitant.com

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GoGoGo Collabo Art Show!
to Aug 17

GoGoGo Collabo Art Show!

ARTY PARTY hosted by Chicago Creative Collaborators!
Artwork and Zines and other Fine Goods available for purchase!
A portion of ALL Gallery Sales SUPPORTS LUMPEN RADIO!!!
Charity Karaoke!

~~~go~~~~featured artists!!~~~~go~~~~

\\\ \ REVISE x CHRISPY / ///
\\\ \ \RAWOOH x CHAD EDWARDS / ///

\\\\gogogo GALLERY SHOWCASE/////////////////////////////////////\
Joe Ramos
InsomniaBird (Susie Xiong)
Sweet Gi
Greg Riley
Jason Wynkoop
Geo Dav
Brian Schab
Chris Gallevo
Elaine Boby
Daimon hampton
Jam Doughty
Edwin Lara
Harrison Jones
Emily Erickson
Danesh Kothari
Irina Guberman
Mariusz Tokarzewski
Ray Duran
Hemenjini Nubian-Bey
Garry Vettori
Ronny Carlson
Becca Bowlin
Neal Tse
Diane Bushemi
Alexandria Ortiz
Lyle Crabb
Elena Diadenko
Paula Loomis
Charlie Goss
Unusual Thoughts
Jettila Lewis
Sonic Visual Graphics / Veggiesomething
Josh Grotto
Mari the Martian
Sonya Jae Fedele


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Lasers & Fast & Shit / Multicult / Tongue Party / William Covert
7:30 PM19:30

Lasers & Fast & Shit / Multicult / Tongue Party / William Covert

7:30 doors / 8:00 bands
$12 Admission / 21+
Beer provided by Marz Community Brewing

Lasers and Fast and Shit

Multicult [Baltimore]

Tongue Party [Minneapolis]

William Covert

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Art Jam: South Fork Edition
7:30 PM19:30

Art Jam: South Fork Edition

An evening of cutting-edge, never-before-seen work from HCL’s artists in residence. Co-presented by Public Media Institute, ticket includes light food from Kimski and beer from Marz Community Brewing

The featured artists represent a range of creative practices across music, installation, and performance:

-Karen Christopher and Etheridge & Persighetti perform as THICK TIME RADIO STATION. For Art Jam they will perform "Lighthouses," an action designed for the Co-Prosperity Sphere space.

- Maggie Kubley performs excerpts from “Safety Coffin,” which invites audiences to explore feelings regarding death through original music, installation pieces, video and various performance mediums.

- Jennifer Ligaya presents an installation as part of the “Ligaya Project(s),” which uses visual/graphic, sound, and text research and exploration as tools archiving individuals’ ancestral knowledge systems in order to access languages at their root.

-Baudouin Saintyves presents excerpts from “Shapes of Emergence,” which integrates an orchestrated live music performance and his current physics lab experimentation in fluid dynamics and electronic music controllers and softwares.

Get Tickets!

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The Juneteenth This Time
8:00 PM20:00

The Juneteenth This Time

featuring performances by...

Ben LaMar Gay + JayVe Montgomery + special guest(s)



$10 admission at the door

cassette copies of Freddie Douggie's new International Anthem album "Live on Juneteenth" will be available for purchase.

Preview the album here:

...this Juneteenth performance will be part of...

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Bitchin Bajas / Axis: Sova / Brokeback + more
7:30 PM19:30

Bitchin Bajas / Axis: Sova / Brokeback + more

7:30PM // $10 (adv.), $12 // 21+

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Bitchin Bajas
The BITCHIN BAJAS are flowing through Co-Pro, so chill and purdy. Today’s electronic/drone/ambient household name BITCHIN BAJAS started as a humble synthesized solo outlet before morphing into the powerhouse trio made up of Cooper Crain, Dan Quinlivan and Rob Frye that we all know and love today. Pushing far past the walls and bridges of our sonic universe and synthesizing sights and sounds of distant worlds, Drag City's finest are ready to bless Chicago with a night of aural-cellular growth.

Axis: Sova
AXIS:SOVA reports for a meeting of the beast within, bringing good, odd vibes to resonate through the night. At its origin, AXIS: SOVA existed primarily as a solo affair for Chicago guitarist BRETT SOVA, his savage guitar and voice accompanied only by a blown out drum machine - the Rhythm Arranger. Since then, the AXIS:SOVA's live experience has evolved, expanded, and contracted. No matter the lineup, it consistently fries ears and minds with vivid guitarisms fully gone off.

A sense of place has been essential to the music of BROKEBACK since guitarist/bassist Douglas McCombs first launched the project in 1995. Each album develops with exacting detail, revealing McCombs’s gift for dialing in the essence of a mood, feeling, or distant locale with a handful of reverb-laden guitar tones, elegant and sustained, strategically placed and sparingly deployed. The instrumental landscapes he creates on Illinois River Valley Blues are utterly transportive, evoking familiar open-frontier soundtracks and charting out new sonic territory.

Musical Tracing Ensemble
MUSICAL TRACING ENSEMBLE is a contingent of musicians led by fearless leader AARON M. OLSON (The Rests, L.A. Takedown). The premise of the MUSICAL TRACING ENSEMBLE is as simple as it is strange: all musicians’ headphones are dialed into one outputting sound source, and they attempt to transpose whatever they hear with their own instrument off-the-cuff and on-the-fly. Hop on this journey with us; don't worry, we'll hold your hand.

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Broken English Reception Night
7:00 PM19:00

Broken English Reception Night

s+s project, in collaboration with Co-prosperity Sphere, ShowBoat, and Defibrillator performance gallery, is delighted to present a group exhibition, Broken English, curated by Sofia Moreno. Broken English is a group show celebrating contemporary art and artists currently working in and between Mexico City and Chicago.

Nayla Transchanga| Joyous K Beverly-Bundles | Jovan Israel | Frank Pollard | J as Liz Mputu | Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero | Caleb Yono | Armando Lozano | David Nasca | Fernando Fershow Escarcega | Christopher Sonny Martinez| Roger Muñoz | Amanda Joy Calobrisi | Samara Guzman Fernandez | Braulio Maga | Vicente Ugartechea | Jaja Rolim | Rosé Hernandez | Pete Brooks | Gemelos VS | Patricia Kattkins | Ryan Greenlee|Charles Ernest Roberts III | Estrella Morales | Marcel Alcalá | Daniel Alexander | Ainé Marín | Zachary Hutchinson | Efrén Arcoiris | Bluerojo23x | Perras de Museo | ColectivoMultipolar | AntibodyCorporation | Mimi Virus | Rai Yin Hsu

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Dimension of Danger
7:30 PM19:30

Dimension of Danger

A strange but friendly creature bestows upon you a quest to find an artifact, lost between worlds, and get it home to Portsbridge — before it turns you to stone! This is the ticketed part of our new game event, Dimension Door on May 18, where we celebrate local games, designers, and players with FREE demos at the Co-Prosperity Sphere! That night we present “Dimension of Danger,” a thrilling stand-alone D&D side quest from Level Eater Adventures, benefitting Lumpen Radio! Space is limited, get your tickets now!

Get Tickets!

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ChiArts Senior Showcase
5:30 PM17:30

ChiArts Senior Showcase

This year, Co-Prosperity Sphere will host The Chicago High School for the Arts' Visual Arts Conservatory Senior Showcase Exhibition. This special exhibition will include original works made by this year's graduating class. The exhibition will run from May 10 - May 17, 2019. A public opening reception will be held on Friday, May 10, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

The Senior Showcase is the culminating exhibition of a ChiArts visual arts student's high school career. The works on view will include selections from each students' year-long thesis investigations as part of their Major AP Studio Art Course. ChiArts' Visual Arts Conservatory offers the following majors: Drawing and Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Visual Communications. Students will also exhibit works made in their elective courses- Digital Media, Wearable Sculpture, Sequential Art, and Contemporary Practices: Performance and Installation.

Support for the 2019 Senior Showcase Exhibition is provided in part by the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation. We are deeply grateful for the Thoma Foundation's support in giving the Visual Arts Class of 2019 a platform.

-Poster design by Iris Rivera-

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Chicago No Wave
7:00 PM19:00

Chicago No Wave

Join us May 4, 2019 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere for a special exhibition and evening of performances by founders and participants of the Chicago No Wave scene of the 1990s.

Chicago No Wave was typified by abstraction, noise, abrasion, nihilism, black humor, intensity, chaos, surrealism and experimentation. The sights and sounds of this lesser known part of Chicago’s cultural history will be shared in this one night freak out. We are excited in presenting one of the standard bearers of the No Wave sound, the Flying Luttenbachers, whose new album, Shattered Dimension was just released.

There will also be performances by musicians Bobby Conn, Azita, and DJ Le Deuce, whose careers were born in that era. A special reunion performance by D.O.G., and an inter dimensional live set by 0th.

An archive of fliers, zines, photos, videos and images from the Chicago No Wave scene from 1992-1999 that has been collected from participants and fans from the period and will be on display. Visual art by some of the scene’s cultural ambassadors: Jodi Mechanic, Kelly Kuvo, Rose and Shane Bugbee will also be exhibited.

Lumpen magazine will release a series of photocopied zines that showcases its coverage of artists and musicians during that era, a collection of written works by Lumpen Time contributors from that period, and a zine of reproductions of fliers and posters from the Chicago No Wave period.

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Greater Chicago IWW Strike Fund Benefit Show
6:00 PM18:00

Greater Chicago IWW Strike Fund Benefit Show

Don't Panic Records & Distro is teaming up with The Greater Chicago Industrial Workers of the World to raise money for their strike fund. The IWW is a rank and file, radical, syndicalist union for workers of all industries, because an Injury to One is an Injury to All. All workers, all industries, one big union ♥

Erzulie [Jazz Metal]
Erzulie (pronounced ah-zih-lee) is a 5-piece Chicago jazz metal band inspired by Voodoo culture, Panamanian folklore, and urban grit. Their premium blend of thrash metal, Latin jazz, indie rock and blues generates raw melodies that mesmerize audiences. They have been compared to Kitty, Jinjer, and Mudvayne. Bandcamp: https://erzulie.bandcamp.com/album/audiohex-bad-blood-saga-ep

Indisposed [Chicago Skramz]
Indisposed is an abrasive and artistic four-piece influenced by screamo, post-rock, math-rock, and spoken-word with song structures shifting pace between chaotically dissonant to melodically haunting. Bandcamp: https://indisposed.bandcamp.com/

The Just Luckies [Dreamy Rock N Roll]
For the past five years, The Just Luckies, a gang of four sparkle greasers, have been mixing elements of punk, pop, and country roots into a dreamy blend of rock n roll music. Bandcamp: https://thejustluckies.bandcamp.com/

Butchered [Chicago Punk Rock]
Four filthy animals making filthy punk music. Bandcamp: https://butchered.bandcamp.com/

All ages
6pm doors
$8 cover
All proceeds benefit The Greater Chicago IWW's general strike fund

If you're interested in joining The Greater Chicago IWW or would like to know how you can organize your workplace, contact chicago@iww.org or visit https://www.iww.org/ for more information.

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Beatdown Soundsystem 1st Year Anniversary
7:00 PM19:00

Beatdown Soundsystem 1st Year Anniversary

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the Beatdown Soundsystem! Performances from Dj Vadim, Dub-Stuy feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore and Beatdown Sound selectors- Junior D, Kinky P & Chuckster. Roots & Culture, Dub, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Bass vibes all night! beers by Marz Brewing, at "Co-Prosperity Sphere" an experimental cultural center located in the neighborhood of Bridgeport, Chicago.


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4:00 PM16:00


Join us at the Co-Prosperity Sphere on Saturday, April 20th from 4-8pm, as we open the door to warm spring breezes and reset our chakras together. We will drink tea, explore the health benefits of sardines, hug stuffed bears, talk to plants, offer tarot readings, explore alternative homeopathic ideas, drink CBD-infused potions, and much much more! Admission is free.

Wellmart is a space to initiate vibes of regeneration and deep care. During the opening of Wellmart, we will be honoring Co-Prosperity Sphere’s new Artist-ran Curatorial Team.

The first cohort of artists comprises: Brandon Alvendia, Stella Brown, Alex Chitty, Max Guy, Lise Haller Baggesen, Naomi Hawksley, Manal Kara, Nicole Marroquin, David Nasca, Claire Pentecost, Anthony Stepter, Hereaclitus Vernon, and Linglin Yan, Catherine Schwalbe, and others

Most of the cohort will be present at Wellmart, and will convey creative care to our guests. You can meet these members of our community who’ve generously committed to care-taking Co-Prosperity Sphere’s resources to support an artist-run Chicago.

Our casual Saturday afternoon gathering will be augmented by complimentary Marz beverages and soothing rhythms as we take time for communal healing.
Want to be a Wellmart care provider? We’re welcoming your contributions! Get in touch with us at nick@publicmediainstitute.com

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Cards Against Humanity: Late Night Writers Room
8:00 PM20:00

Cards Against Humanity: Late Night Writers Room

The sell-out hit comedy show Cards Against Humanity: Late Night Writers Room is heading to Co-Prosperity Sphere! The show is an irreverent night of improv comedy based on the party game Cards Against Humanity, and hosted by its creators. After audience members pitch their card ideas, the best suggestions are acted out by the Cards Against Humanity writers and friends. The worst suggestions will be mercilessly ridiculed.

Tickets are $10

Get yer tickets here

All proceeds from tickets sales will be donated to Co-Prosperity Sphere/Lumpen Radio/Public Media Institute.

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Hasty Happenings
7:00 PM19:00

Hasty Happenings

Hasty Happenings is a one night only open participation exhibition that features artworks made in a matter of moments, hurried objects that were created with little care for perfect presentation. Everyone is welcome to participate, as long as it's with an artwork they make between learning of the show and the opening on Thursday, April 19.

Each piece in the exhibition is a snapshot of the momentary mental and emotional state assumed at the time of creation—tapping into the pleasure of completion and reverential observance of the tossed off.

Hasty Happenings is conceived of proposed and organized by Adrien Guadagnino with the support of Co-Prosperity Programming Council (CoProProCo) member Alex Chitty.


1. Make an artwork! Hastily! Something brand new!*
2. Come to Co-Pro on Wednesday April 17. 5-10 to drop off/install your work**
3. Attend the opening Thursday April 7-10!
4. Pick up your piece before you leave!***

*Accepted artworks include:
a) works on paper able to be hung with blue tape on the wall
b) video pieces 3 minutes or fewer in mp4 brought on a thumb drive or emailed to be projected on a loop via VLC and projector
c) 3 minute performances (sign up form at the door)
d) sculptures to put on the floor or on a table
e) social things you do the night of the opening- no need to tell us about them :)

**last minute dropoff and hasty install is allowed on the night of the opening, April 18, 5-7pm
***artworks left will be collected by the curator Adrien Gaudagnino. They may be picked up by April 25

Questions? Email nick@publicmediainstitute.com AND l.c.guad@gmail.com

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Future Rootz Anniversary & Record Label Launch Party
7:00 PM19:00

Future Rootz Anniversary & Record Label Launch Party

Join us for the launch of Future Rootz Records. We are excited to share the first two projects of the record label that includes:

• A remix album of What Goes Up by the Chicago Afrobeat Project featuring Tony Allen w/ #remixes by Maga Bo, Ron Trent, AfroQbano, Sound Culture, Sol Power Sound, Kevin Ford, and Jose Marquez.

• A 7" by the #Chicago trio Beats y Batería - Daniel Crane (Bateria), Harold Gonzalez Medina (Beats), & Ana Munteanu (Vocals). The EP includes two tracks Saraiman and Alturas.

For more information check out www.beatsybateria.com

Performances by:

Beats y Batería ((Vinyl Release)) - www.soundcloud.com/beatsybateria

Jose Marquez ((DJ Set - LA/Fania Records)) - www.soundcloud.com/jose-marquez

Future Rootz #SonSistema ((DJ Sets & Release of What Goes Up Remixed ft. Chicago Afrobeat Project & Tony Allen)) - www.chicagoafrobeatproject.com


Pop-Up Record Shop

Food by Taco Joint

Visuals by Charly Garcia ((#Giroscopio))

Admission is $10 or $25 w/ Future Rootz Limited Edition Vinyl


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Family Reunion
9:00 PM21:00

Family Reunion

Erica, Rene, Shawnee, Ivan, Jacob, Alfonzo, Jeremy, Mike, Imani, Bindu, Terry, Kenneth, Colin, Jackson, Walter, Xander, and Atticus are getting together to learn each other's songs.

We're throwing a big party 24 hours later to perform all of them. Come if you're ready for anything - we PROMISE to keep you moving with as much new music as we can learn in one day.


  • Erica Rene

  • Rene Cruz

  • Shawnee Dez

  • Ivan Pyzow

  • Jacob Slocum

  • Alfonzo Jones

  • Jeremy K. Jones

  • Michael Galperin

  • Imani Williams

  • Himabindu Poroori

  • Terry Patrick Jr.

  • Kenneth Charles Leftridge Jr.

  • Colin Hamann Drozdoff

  • Jackson Shepard

  • Walter Sanchez

  • Xander Beberman

  • Atticus Lazenby

Poster by the incomparable Rebecca Baruc.


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Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly ALIEN Flower SUTRA + Sima Cunningham
8:00 PM20:00

Rob Mazurek & Emmett Kelly ALIEN Flower SUTRA + Sima Cunningham

International Anthem presents ROB MAZUREK & EMMETT KELLY return of their duo project ALIEN FLOWER SUTRA with animated video by DAMON LOCKS & ROB SHAW manipulated & remixed live by KIM ALPERT.

Opening set by SIMA CUNNINGHAM in duo formation with DORIAN GEHRING.

$10 admission /// 8pm doors

Mazurek & Kelly reunite for their first Chicago performance in almost 3 years. With an opening set by Ohmme co-composer & guitarist Sima Cunningham, the show is somewhat of a preview for BIG EARS Festival, as all 3 artists pack up and head to Knoxville TN the morning after this show.

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Community Soup 2: Soup Boogaloo
6:00 PM18:00

Community Soup 2: Soup Boogaloo

We had such an amazing turn out and interest after our first Community Soup Night that we are hosting another one!

Admission is $15 cash at the door, and includes all the soup you can eat!

All proceeds benefit Lumpen Radio/Co-Prosperity Sphere, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and and Hope For The Day.

New charities, more soup, and now with awesome DJ’s!

  • Sobramesa Supper Club

  • Martha Bayne (Soup and Bread)

  • Cindy Knott (brunchlox)

  • Kendall Hugel

  • Josh Bushnik

  • Finom coffee

  • Dan Salls (Quiote)

  • James moorehouse (Aleman Brewing)

  • John Diaz

  • Rick Ortiz (Antique Taco)

  • Art Ledda

  • DJ Intel

  • Kevin hickey (The Duck Inn)

  • Howard Bailey

  • Luis Alvarado

  • Laura Tedesco

  • Always Hungry Chi

  • Gina Giovanni

  • Bo Fowler (Owen and Engine, Bixi)

  • Sue Litz

  • Tobia Ciottone

  • Abe Conlon (Fat Rice)

  • Kevin Coval (Author and poet)

  • Michael Gebert (fooditor)

  • Chuck sudo

  • Anthony Baier (Kimski)

  • Nikki dembeck

  • Bryan collante (Eden)

  • Katie Baretto

  • Joshua Palmer

  • Kelly Ijichi

  • Low country

  • Margaret Pak

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7:30 PM19:30


The VanderCook College of Music Percussion Ensemble will be playing a percussion concert to help raise money for the Kevin Lepper Percussion Scholarship.

You must be 18 or older to enter

Doors open at 7pm, performance from 7:30pm-10pm

Admission is $15 at the door

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Jumbo Mumbo
7:00 PM19:00

Jumbo Mumbo

JUMBO MUMBO aims to find things that are bigger than they should be; or anything confusing, nonsensical, or hard to decipher.

With work by:

  • Alexa Viscius

  • Bill Connors

  • Camilo Medina

  • Charlotte Croy Hudson

  • Cody Hudson

  • David Alvarado

  • Drew Ryan

  • Eileen Tjan

  • Eliza Weber

  • Greer Mosher

  • Hayley Grimes

  • Jeremiah Shalo

  • Jessica Viscius

  • Joe Tallarico

  • Jon Duncan

  • Lauren Gallagher

  • Louie Capozzoli

  • Matt & Lynette Sage

  • Onsmith & Nudd

  • Rylan Thompson

  • Wyatt Grant

Opening Night Performers:

  • Video Projection by Jillian Musielak

  • Sound Installation by Todd Irwin

  • Music Performance by SPVD

Curated by Drew Ryan and Reuben Kincaid.

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6:00 PM18:00

Typeforce X

We’re celebrating the 10th year of our mission to showcase artists who make magic with letters in any medium. Firebelly's Dawn Hancock and Ed Marszewski (Marz Community Brewing + Lumpen Radio) are teaming up again to bring you Typeforce X, a curated anniversary show to the Co-Prosperity Sphere this February.


Jenna Blazevich
Bud Rodecker
John Pobojewski
Rick Valicenti
Nick Adam
Frances MacLeod
Pouya Ahmadi
Pegah Ahmadi
Matthew Hoffman
Anthony Lewellen
Andy Luce
Mike McQuade
Jack Muldowney
Ade Hogue
Adrianne Hawthorne
Jordan Martins
Andy Gregg
Linda Elshami
Carlos Segura
Matt Wizinsky
Eduardo Vea
Kelly Knaga


Friday, Feb 22: 6-10pm (Opening Night)
Show runs through March 8 (set hours TBD)

For school groups, professional orgs or out of state visitors, please email: nick@publicmediainstitute.com to set up a time to view the exhibition.

For press inquiries or any other questions please email: kelly@firebellydesign.com

Sponsored by Firebelly + Public Media Institute

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Lumpen Drawing Rally: A Benefit Party for Public Media Institute

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Lumpen Drawing Rally
A Benefit Party for Public Media Institute

Join us Saturday, December 1, 2018, from 6:00 - 11:00 PM
@ Co-prosperity Sphere - 3219 S Morgan Street, Chicago
Admission is $20 if you register for
presale here, or $25 at the door,

Free for Lumpen Members!

An all star cast of local artists will be there making drawings you can take home at affordable prices! Need holiday gifts that aren’t socks? We got you.

All proceeds go to keeping Lumpen Radio on the air and working to expand its range!

Complimentary Refreshments and Vittles provided by our buddies:
Bites by Kimski & sips by Marz Community Brewing

Lumpen Radio DJs provide the dance-able soundtrack:

6-8PM Maria MTZ

8-9PM Betty Heredia

9-10PM Fanita Banana

10-11PM Paid TIme Off

To celebrate Lumpen Radio’s second anniversary we’re throwing a big party- The Lumpen Drawing Rally! At this live drawing event and fundraiser, dozens of artists will work side by side. Come meet some of the smartest weirdest local artists, chat with them as they draw, drink some beer and have fun with the creative process. Artists will be taking shifts, making sketches that will morph into full-fledged artworks – immediately available for sale for just $50 each. Drawings make perfect gifts! All proceeds directly to support Public Media Institute’s efforts to expand Lumpen Radio - WLPN 105.5 FM’s reach to all of Chicago!Get your tickets now on Eventbrite to save money at the door!

Get your tickets now on Eventbrite to save money at the door!

Featured Artists:

Lewis Achenbach, Melanie Adcock, Logan Bay, Rebecca Beachy, Sonya Bogdanova, Tom Burtonwood, Shannon Carlson, Juan Angel Chavez, Luke Clonhisy, Mel Cook, Katherine Desjardins, Claire DuCanto, Paul Erschen, Hope Esser, Mie Frederikke Fischer Christensen, Julia Franco, Amanda Franck, Tiffany Funk, Noelle Garcia, Ellen Giai Gianetto, Joshua Gilley, Jessica Harvey, Naomi Hawksley, Robert Chase Heishman, Boyang Hou, Betty Heredia, Cody Hudson, Rob Hogan, Holly Holmes, Qigu Jiang, Harrison Jones, Won Kim, Philip Kaufman, Chad Kouri, Andrew Krzak, Chloe Lewis, Jurell Lewis, Graham Livingston, Courtney Mackedanz, Jesse Malmed, Antonio Martinez, Jordan Martins, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Nicole Marroquin, Devin Mawdsley, Kristi McGuire, Liz McCarthy, Griffey Miller, Ryan Peter Miller, David Nasca, James Nienhuis, Roni Packer, Claire Pentecost, George Porteus, Pam Punsiriruk, Marina Resende Santos, Russ Savage, Shawn Smith, Bel Reyes, Laura Rosetter, Vanessa Sanchez, Russ Savage, Edra Soto, Shawn Smith, Eric Stefanski, Cassie Tompkins, Cody Tumblin, Chris Uphues, Mars Vallon, Hereaclitus Here Vernon, Mae Vitali, Gwen Wu, Nick Wylie, & Linglin Yan
You can lend us a hand even if it doesn’t draw!

Don’t like to draw but still interested in helping support PMI’s nonprofit work? We need community support for the following roles during the Drawing Rally: cashiers, sellers, and art handlers! You can sign up here.


Public Media Institute is a federally recognized 501(c)3, and all donations are tax deductible. PMI supports Chicago’s revolutionary art, music, activist and cultural communities via Lumpen Radio WLPN 105.5 FM, Co-Prosperity Sphere Gallery, and Lumpen Magazine. Find out how you can get involved at http://www.coprosperity.org/get-involved/


The Monster Drawing Rally Model was developed by the 50 year old Bay Area artist-run gallery Southern Exposure as an open source model for community fundraising/friendraising. Since its inception almost 20 years ago, the model has been used all over the country by tons of artist run spaces, museums, and other community organizations. We think this will be the first drawing rally in chicago, though :) Correct us if we’re wrong!


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