Intern or Volunteer

Internship and volunteer inquiries for Co-Prosperity Sphere, Lumpen Magazine, and Lumpen Radio are reviewed quarterly by committee of Public Media Institute volunteers and administrators.

Internship should be proposed 3 months prior to the requested period. Internships last at least 6 months and no longer than a year, entail a 6 hour commitment weekly, and are designed with the intern to focus on projects or skills that apply to their areas of interest and desired learning.

Volunteer roles are available across the many programs of Public Media Institute - help us understand what you're interested in so we can plug you in with the appropriate folks.

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BEcome a lumpen radio member

At Lumpen Radio, we make & share all of our programming with you for free, because we think its important. Our station is listener supported so we rely on donations and financial support from donors like you.

By making any level of donation, you can become a Lumpen Radio Member! This means you’ll have access to member-only events, sweet discounts to public events at Co-Prosperity, and a chance to win some Lumpen Radio swag once a month.

Public Media Institute, the organization that manages WLPN, is a 501(c) 3 non profit corporation that may receive tax-deductible charitable contributions from individuals and corporations. Reach out to us if you'd like to make a larger donation or become a corporate sponsor.


Lumpen Radio Underwriting Rate Card - Available any time are underwriting announcements on our 24 hour radio station. Allow 1 week for approval and recording of short texts.

Lumpen Magazine Advertising Rate Card - Print Ads for Lumpen and other publications are available multiple times a year. These ads work best as longer-lasting promotions.

Interested parties should reach out to Marina Resende Santos - and Nick Wylie -


Please use this form to propose art things, including exhibitions, special events, window installations, or your individual/group art practice for review by The Co-Prosperity Programming Council (CoProProCo).

Proposals are reviewed 5 times a year (Jan, Mar, May, Aug, Nov). Proposals are due by the first Wednesday of review months.

Any proposals selected by this process should be ready to engage the space 6-18 months after selection' during the intervening time, the PMI community will support the artists and organizers in planning, press, funding, install, and other logistics.

Rentals are not subject to as long a review process and can be proposed with a separate rental form. Public Media Institute cannot contribute promotional, installation, or other logistical support for these exhibitions, which, if accepted, are subject to staffing and overhead charges.

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Music Proposal

Concert and Performance proposals for Co-Prosperity Sphere will be reviewed twice yearly by a heterogeneous committee of 8-12 artists and musicians.

Due Dates are October 30th for review in September and February 30 for review in March.

Any selected concerts and performance events should take place 3-9 months post-selection.

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Lumpen Radio Show Proposal

New audio content proposals for Lumpen Radio are reviewed twice yearly by a heterogeneous committee of station administrators, journalists, musicians, and current DJs.

Due Dates are September 30th for review in October and February 30 for review in March.

Logan Bay, Lumpen Radio Director, will contact you within a month of review if there is space for and interest in your radio show.

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