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Now What?! Panel 4: PANEL–Activism Within & Against the Biennial Complex

The Chicago Architecture Biennial has since its inception been supported by petrochemical dollars. It’s not the only biennial either to have ties to the unsavory people and companies that sit at the commanding heights of the economy; recently artists successfully used a biennial boycott to oust Warren B. Kanders (whose company manufactures tear-gas used on the border) from the board of the Whitney Museum. Join us for a discussion of the politics of biennials with experts and activists where ask ourselves difficult questions about the place of activist practices within biennials, and talk about how architects can best use the opportunity of Biennials to best work toward a more just world.

Admission is free

Featuring Nick Korody and Joanna Klopenburg (Adjustments Agency), Keefer Dunn (The Architecture Lobby - Chicago), Nick Wylie ( Co-Prosperity Sphere), and more!

Can't make this event? We have several events scheduled to take place at the gallery throughout the exhibition from September 13–October 2.

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Thursdays: 11-7