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Join us at the Co-Prosperity Sphere on Saturday, April 20th from 4-8pm, as we open the door to warm spring breezes and reset our chakras together. We will drink tea, explore the health benefits of sardines, hug stuffed bears, talk to plants, offer tarot readings, explore alternative homeopathic ideas, drink CBD-infused potions, and much much more! Admission is free.

Wellmart is a space to initiate vibes of regeneration and deep care. During the opening of Wellmart, we will be honoring Co-Prosperity Sphere’s new Artist-ran Curatorial Team.

The first cohort of artists comprises: Brandon Alvendia, Stella Brown, Alex Chitty, Max Guy, Lise Haller Baggesen, Naomi Hawksley, Manal Kara, Nicole Marroquin, David Nasca, Claire Pentecost, Anthony Stepter, Hereaclitus Vernon, and Linglin Yan, Catherine Schwalbe, and others

Most of the cohort will be present at Wellmart, and will convey creative care to our guests. You can meet these members of our community who’ve generously committed to care-taking Co-Prosperity Sphere’s resources to support an artist-run Chicago.

Our casual Saturday afternoon gathering will be augmented by complimentary Marz beverages and soothing rhythms as we take time for communal healing.
Want to be a Wellmart care provider? We’re welcoming your contributions! Get in touch with us at