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Hasty Happenings

Hasty Happenings is a one night only open participation exhibition that features artworks made in a matter of moments, hurried objects that were created with little care for perfect presentation. Everyone is welcome to participate, as long as it's with an artwork they make between learning of the show and the opening on Thursday, April 19.

Each piece in the exhibition is a snapshot of the momentary mental and emotional state assumed at the time of creation—tapping into the pleasure of completion and reverential observance of the tossed off.

Hasty Happenings is conceived of proposed and organized by Adrien Guadagnino with the support of Co-Prosperity Programming Council (CoProProCo) member Alex Chitty.


1. Make an artwork! Hastily! Something brand new!*
2. Come to Co-Pro on Wednesday April 17. 5-10 to drop off/install your work**
3. Attend the opening Thursday April 7-10!
4. Pick up your piece before you leave!***

*Accepted artworks include:
a) works on paper able to be hung with blue tape on the wall
b) video pieces 3 minutes or fewer in mp4 brought on a thumb drive or emailed to be projected on a loop via VLC and projector
c) 3 minute performances (sign up form at the door)
d) sculptures to put on the floor or on a table
e) social things you do the night of the opening- no need to tell us about them :)

**last minute dropoff and hasty install is allowed on the night of the opening, April 18, 5-7pm
***artworks left will be collected by the curator Adrien Gaudagnino. They may be picked up by April 25

Questions? Email AND