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Pilsen Community Books First Annual Fair

Pilsen Community Books is pleased to invite you to their First Annual Book Fair in the heart of the community of the future at Co-Prosperity Sphere!

A three-day extravaganza of books, music, and art will feature over 7500 used books, original literary art from 10+ artists and two nights of live, local music. 

A limited edition run of show posters by Finer Signs / Shelby Rothenhöferwill be available for purchase!


Pilsen Community Books First Annual Fair: Books, Art, Music
Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan St, Chicago, 60608


Friday, October 5 • 5PM-12AM
Saturday, October 6 • 12PM-12AM
Sunday, October • 12PM-4PM

Featured Artists: Carris Adams, Julian Baker, Jenna Blazevich, Vanessa DellaMorte, Ryan Troy Ford, Andy Gregg, Keith Herzik, Clay Hickson, Liana Jegers, Sabrena Khadija, Kelsey Keaton, Simone Noronha, Shelby Rodeffer, Dmitry Samarov

Featured Musicians: Stephan Paul Smoker, Operator Music Band, Relevant Hairstyles, The Just LuckiesSmall PlacesJoshua Virtue, & WAvY ID

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