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MIDI User's Group, Jace Ewing & Pastel Fractal LIVE

Friday, March 25th • 8PM to 11PM
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St
$5 Suggested Donation

Co-Prosperity presents an eclectic electric evening of digital euphony for your cyborganic auditory input.  

Travis Hallenbeck’s MIDI User’s Group project combines modern approaches with new and obsolete hardware to create a dynamic soup of algorithmic and improvisational machine dances.

Listen to MIDI User's Group HERE

Jace Ewing’s debut album “Simple System,” is described by its label as: “experiments with homebrew software for generating/transforming melodic patterns. Mathematical purity is mixed with loose improvisation, resulting in a distinctively casual brand of formalism.”

Listen to Ewing’s debut album HERE

Pastel Fractal is a project by Chicago-based artist Alexander DeGraaf that combines music and installation sculpture. The primary objective is to promote resourcefulness and community togetherness by means of dance music and salvaged material innovation.

Listen to Pastel Fractal HERE