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Level Eater 6.66

Attention Three Floyds, Marz Community Brewing and Dungeons and Dragons fans! Level Eater 6.66 summons you…

The sixth annual edition of the fantasy art and gaming event, Level Eater, takes place on January 23, 2016,  from 5pm- midnight at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Come play Dungeons & Dragons with some of Chicago’s great Dungeon Masters! We’ll teach and play the new (5th Edition) of the game, using it to fight evil and save the land.

Everything you need to play is provided for the event — but bring cash for beer, nosh, and maybe a magical treasure to help you in your quest against the Six Dire Demons

Level Eater 6.66 features work by: Paul Nudd, Jeremy Onsmith, Dillon Yothers, Erin Page, Barnaby Strueve, Albert Ugarte, and others.

The Dönermen Food Truck will be vending Teutonic street eats, and a mystery live performance is scheduled to amaze you. Extremely limited edition Level Eater 6.66 hoodies and merch will be available, too.

Admission is $25.  Entrance includes your choice of a Level Eater 6.66 T-shirt or a silk screen poser printed by our friends at Teetsy. You will also receive a complementary Level Eater ale made exclusively for this event by 3 Floyds and Marz Community Brewing Co.

If you wish to battle the Six Dire Demons during the live roll playing session beginning at 8pm please sign up at the show or email to be put on the RSVP list and read on..

The Six Dire Demons vex and hex and bedevil the land.

They are the children of a hellish demigod, aspects of forbidden might and profane power loosed upon us by the hubris of wicked warlords — and the promise of treasure.

We battle not for riches, not for glory, but to save the land and its people from a generation of darkness that shall corrupt us all if these enemies see their plans fulfilled. Our only hope is to confront them all at once with steel and spells and wits — to bring the demons down before they can warn each other and unite to destroy our lands.

We must defeat them. We have one night to band together into six groups of adventurers, one night to strike, one night to save the land from evil.

And so we seek brave and hearty souls to carry blades and wield magic against these foes.

More than that, we need heroes and heroines of cunning and courage, for the Six Dire Demons are not only fearsome but conniving and ingenious themselves. Each of them is a shade, a facet of ancient power, one lingering aspect of a dead demigod. They are:

    •    The Lord of Fury
    •    The Cat of a Thousand Deaths
    •    The Baron of Blood and Bone
    •    The Brilliant Countess of Acheron
    •    The Thrice-Dead Witch
    •    The Beautiful Horror

-- --- -- - -- - -

Proceeds of the Level Eater 6.66 show go to building WLPN, Lumpen Radio


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