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Version Festival 15: The Art of WLPN

Sunday • May 3 • 6pm - 10pm
The Art of WLPN
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St
Admission: Free

On our last day of  Version festival we ask you to join us for an evening of performances and food.  Chef Won Kim of Kimski's will be serving Korean Polish BBQ.  Ryan Dunn will perform Incidental Music and Jeff Kolar will bring Other Voices to the Co-Prosperity Sphere Studio.
Incidental Music is a broadcast of mashed sourced audio material set to your manifestation of color in a black and white map of associations. As you listen, please add color to the accompanying black and white collage coloring page to complete the listening experience using crayons, markers, paints, a computer or any other materials you prefer. Enjoy yourself, explore, and take a moment to have a new time. More episodes can be found at

Other Voices is a series of live performances, print material, and audio releases revolving around radio voices. Other Voices respond to the delicate, shifting atmospheres of the AM/FM, shortwave, citizens’ band, and unlicensed radio spectrums. The instrument arrangement of hand-built radio transmitters and receivers responds directly to external weather phenomena, wireless technology systems, and human activity.