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Version Festival 15: Turbo Butcher Comedy Show

Wednesday • April 29  8pm
Turbo Butcher Comedy Show
Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St
Admission: $5

Featuring: Mitch Nathan, Keegan Buckingham, Nigel Ng, Jeff Scheen, & Anthony Bonazzo
In the spirit and tradition of live comedy radio we asked our favorite comedian, Mitch Nathan, to round up some real good talent. We will be airing the show live with our fingers on the "dump button" all night long.

About the Comedians:

Nigel Ng (pronounced ‘UHng’) grew up in Malaysia, a country where it’s common for babies to be given British first names. He came to America in 2010 for college. In his standup, Nigel talks about his home country quite a bit — that’s where he spent the first 19 years of his life. He details his experiences as a foreign-born person trying to assimilate to this new culture while retaining a sense of self. His unique, multinational experiences give him an original point of view, but it’s his way of making himself relatable that has earned him spots at all the major comedy clubs in Chicago. Nigel frequently performs at Zanies, the Laugh Factory, and the Comedy Bar. He also produces “This Week’s Show”, one of Chicago’s most successful independent comedy s

Keegan Buckingham will tickle your ribs and massage your teeth. His unique blend of highbrow and lowbrow humor earned him a Funniest Person in Iowa award and a spot on the writing staff of Second City's Midnight Parade. He puts the "real" in "that guy's real funny."

Mitch Nathan was raised in the dangerous suburb of Hoffman Estates, he then moved to the safe streets of Chicago where he served tables because he stunk at selling crack and playing basketball. He now does standup comedy, and sometimes serves tables.

Anthony Bonazzo is a Stand Up Comedian, Improviser and Actor living in Chicago. Anthony’s Stand Up comedy is poignant, yet light hearted: a blend of social humor mixed with personal stories recounting unusual but always entertaining anecdotes. He is known for his spot on impersonations, high energy delivery and veteran presence on stage. Originally a New Jersey native, and one of eight children, Anthony began his lifelong pursuit of comedy doing imitations of family members at the dinner table. He can be seen performing Stand Up and Improv in various venues throughout Chicago.

For Jeff Scheen