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Silent Lectures

(Provisional) Park is a temporary indoor park that is open to the public inside Co-Prosperity Sphere. The park will be made entirely from houseplants on temporary loan from Chicagoans. It will be open daily from 6am-11pm in March 2015. (Provisional) Park is a creative project conceived by artist Allyson Packer and made possible through the participation of many individuals and organizations in Chicago. Unlike a typical gallery show, however, (Provisional) Park is designed to operate as a resource for community members to relax, play or organize their own events. The Park is open now through Friday April 3rd, 2015.

Saturday March 28 • 8PM
Silent Lectures
Organized by Willy Smart

A lecture most broadly describes a genre of public, pedagogic address carried by the spoken voice. This event organizes several lectures that make such an address without recourse to speech or sound. This event is not a moratorium on speech. The lectures will be followed by a silent film.

9PM • Silent Film: The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari


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