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Story Club South Side's March Event: SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE!

Sometimes life goes PING! This month our featured performers tell us stories about when science collided at high speed with their personal lives with FASCINATING results!

Our March Mad Scientists are:

*Word Monster & Science Writer AUBREY HENRETTY!

*Nationally Recognized Visual Artist RIVA LEHRER!

*Science Fiction Writer & Chemist's Child ROGER LANDES!

*Storyteller & Octopus Aficionado FARAZ HUSSEIN!

Want a shot at the mic? Sign up at 7:30pm for 8 minutes of storytelling glory - no poems or interpretive dance - for a roomful of narrative-obsessed lovelies like yourself. You don't have to be on theme or memorized, you just need a good tale and some courage (metaphysical or liquid).

Show time is 8pm. Hosted by Andrew Marikis, Co-produced by Will Hindmarch, and Production Managed by Maura Clement

We'll be at the whimsical and wondrous Co-Prosperity Sphere, at 3219 S Morgan St, a BYOB and BYOFood gallery space in Bridgeport, the Community of the Future. Grab some beers at Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar and some pies or a burger at Pleasant House Bakery and bring them in with you!

With - Roger Landes, Riva Lehrer, Aubrey Henretty, Faraz Hussain, Maura Clement, Will Hindmarch & Andrew Marikis

Earlier Event: March 21
Elementary Reading
Later Event: March 27
Films in the (Provisional) Park