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Elementary Reading

(Provisional) Park is a temporary indoor park that is open to the public inside Co-Prosperity Sphere. The park will be made entirely from houseplants on temporary loan from Chicagoans. It will be open daily from 6am-11pm in March 2015. (Provisional) Park is a creative project conceived by artist Allyson Packer and made possible through the participation of many individuals and organizations in Chicago. Unlike a typical gallery show, however, (Provisional) Park is designed to operate as a resource for community members to relax, play or organize their own events. The Park is open now through Friday April 3rd, 2015.

Saturday March 21 • 4-5PM
Elementary Reading
Organized by Ruslana Lichtzier

This public program, designed in conjunction with Allyson Packer’s project (Provisional) Park, will bring together four readers. Centered on the question of how to read in public, the participants will share their own attempts to write, to think and to perform with others the private act of public reading.

Featuring: Kelly Lloyd, Jaxon Pallas, Dan Paz, Danny Floyd

Conductor: Ruslana Lichtzier