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Don't Call Me Sweetheart Holiday Spectacular

Don't Call Me Sweetheart Holiday Spectacular

Sunday December 20th • 6PM

Co-Prosperity Sphere • 3219 S Morgan St

$12 suggested donation


"The Don't Call Me Sweetheart! Show" takes time out from its regular schedule for the Christmas Extravaganza, a two-hour show live with a studio audience (you!). A donation of $12 gets one a warm beverage or a baked good, with proceeds going to Lumpen Radio - a local non-profit radical radio station in Chicago (on 105.5 FM) that showcases innovative ideas, plays highly curated music, and broadcasts commentary on the issues of our day. Additional beverages and baked goods with be available. Local artists will be also be selling select wares to fulfill your holiday shopping needs.


“The Don’t Call Me Sweetheart! Show” is the sound of Pop Rocks spiraling down your ear canal and lodging in your brain. Award winning creators Stephen Sonneveld and Andrew Gregory Krzak resurrect the long dormant conventions of the radio play, mix them with equal parts satire, drama, humor and pathos, and then throw in a touch of audio verite. This concoction is then peppered with texture and slathered with cadence before it is left to cure in the sizzle of your amplifier. "Christmas Extravaganza" imagines what it would be like if George Bailey really, truly wasn't born, explores the chapel-silent moments of fresh fallen snow and attempts to solve the mystery of who that guy is dressed as Santa if the guy hired to play Santa was caught in traffic on the way over.


Our very special treat will be live music from Foiled Again, a trio formed in 2001 by Rob Lindley, Allison Bazarko and Anne Sheridan Smith. Foiled Again has been bringing their own brand of covers and originals to audiences in Chicago and Midwest for almost 15 years. They have celebrated jazz, 60's pop, country, Americana, rock and folk music with their covers of Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Crosby Stills Nash, Harold Arlen, Burt Bacharach, and Carole King - to name a few. Their smart arrangements and tight harmonies have been been enjoyed many times at many local theaters and concert spaces including Davenport's Piano Bar, where they will sing again on Dec. 12 and Evanston SPACE, where they return Dec. 14. highlight their recent album, Blanket of Winter.


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