Rebuild Radio with WLPN 105.5 FM in Chicago / by Edward Marszewski


WLPN Kickstarter Campaign: Turn On, Tune In, Drop In

At the Human Be-In in 1967, just before the sixties started to swing madly and out of control, counterculture guru Timothy Leary popularized the phrase that encapsulated the era of worldwide change and discontent "Turn on, tune in, drop out". Although greatly misinterpreted by many as a philosophy of self-indulgent hedonism heightened with various psychedelic drugs, Leary's mantra urged individuals toward a inward spiritual sense of self-discovery and sensitivity. Particularly, Leary espoused an active engagement, a conscious change with one's goals towards creative constructive activity (and certainly not blissful detachment).

Now, almost 50 years later, we here at WLPN 105.5 FM (Lumpen Radio) are asking you to "Turn on, tune in and drop in" (to paraphrase Leary's clarion call) and assist us in our goal in creating a viable non-commercial radio station in Chicago with our official Kickstarter Campaign. Our ambition is to push the boundaries and alter the airwaves in directions normally unimagined, to be creatively expansive and diverse in our programming, and most importantly becoming an on air laboratory and type of outlet our city desperately needs. The station will be a conduit for radio producers, audio alchemists, activists, DJs, podcasters, record labels, ham operators, musicians, story tellers, spoken word/performance artists, librarians, art critics, educators and sound editors whose expertise and knowledge are indispensable for such an imposing undertaking. With this community of creative participants, we hope to be a viable alternative to the normal mainstream and structured radio environment that predominates the airways today.

Currently, we have raised enough monies through Version Festival 2015 and other nascent activities to purchase some studio gear and equipment. These initial funds have allowed us to test out some avenues of broadcasting like streaming online and the initial technical hurdles of this immense project. Beginning in July, 2015 we intend to broadcast 24/7 to the Chicago metro area and continue streaming online to the world. For this, we need to raise an additional $25,000 to purchase the rest of the gear to get us on the air. This is a chance for you to become an active stakeholder and help us rebuild radio in Chicago!

This Kickstarter campaign will give us what we need to get the station up and transmitting. Hardware, software, construction costs, and the down payment to lease our radio tower. All the costs that we need to pay one time and up front. Once it's on the air its ongoing business costs will be supported by the community through underwriting, memberships and bake sales.

Since this is a communal effort, we ask your support through various levels of pledges that will help us make WLPN a viable entity. With the various levels of pledges you will in turn receive different rewards besides the personal satisfaction of assisting and joining our budding community. We cannot do this without your involvement and assistance.

Please look at this link to our Kickstarter campaign for further details on WLPN, rebuilding radio and how you may support the station and participate:

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Then, once we are up and running you can always turn on, tune in and drop in to listen to 105.5 FM.